Dental Caries

Dental caries, also known as “cavities” affect many Canadians throughout their life time. Caries are calculated by keeping note of the DMFT (decayed, missing or filled permanent teeth). In Canada the DMFT of 12-19 year olds is 2.49, meaning about 2-3 teeth are...

Dental Care for Children

Your child's oral hygiene is an important part of their overall health. The care of your child's teeth and gums begins with you! Young children are very susceptible to oral diseases, many of which can be prevented. One example of a preventable disease among children...

Commited to Caring.

At BridgeView Dental Health Clinic we strive to provide you with the best possible dental care in an environment where you feel relaxed and welcomed. Our Dentists and staff are here to provide you with endless reasons to smile. We believe every smile tells a story and we would love to be part of yours.


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